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Bea Álvarez (Madrid, 1995) followed her bachelor’s degree in Barcelona in classical and contemporary viola performance at the ESMUC. Afterwards, she began to feel the need to expand her own "sound" and musical concept, through the viola, synthesizers and Ableton live, composing and improvising with electronics. This has led her into the world of music creation: she composes, records and produces her own musical material, with a lot of influences by ambient music, minimal, trance and electronic music. She is currently starting her master studies at the Live Electronics department at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam.

Mattias Spee is a Dutch pianist and composer. His first love was classical music, but he has always had a passion for other genres and styles as well, like jazz, minimal and free improvisation, which he now combines into compostions that can not really be put into a box. When composing, Mattias draws his inspiration from stories. As a child, he loved fairy tales and mythology -not just to read, but also to make up himself- and you can hear this influence in his music. Many of Mattias’s compositions originate from improvisation and he often leaves space for spur-of-the-moment ideas.

Mattias Spee & Bea Álvarez

In residence: oktober 2022
za 15 oktober 2022, Utrecht,

zo 16 oktober 2022, voorstelling Akoesticum, Ede

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